Frozen Bluefin Tuna Saku / Farming fish

Product Information

Category Frozen Processed Product
Scientific Name Thunnus orientalis (Temminck and Schlegel,1844)
Origin Malta
Grade Sashimi
Size Indefinite
How to eat Can be eaten raw
Packing Indefinite
Case material Styrofoam box
MOQ 300 kg  ※1
Transportation Air Freight
Temperature Normal temperature
Price contact us
Payment method T/T Advance

※1. The minimum order quantity is 300 kg from each Japanese shipping location.
※2. 300kg can be mixed with other products.


1. Transaction form is C&F or FOB.
2. Stocks and prices are constantly changing. Please be sure to check from the contact form.
3. Customers with new transactions require a prior contract.
4. Make a contract with our group company.

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